The Conru Foundation, established by Andrew Conru, is dedicated to driving positive change across a wide range of sectors, including the arts. We support innovative projects and organizations that align with our core values of critical thinking, evidence-based problem-solving, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Our Focus Areas

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Educational Advancement
  • Media Integrity
  • Arts and Culture

Within each focus area, we identify and support initiatives that have the potential for significant, scalable impact. Our approach is strategic and data-driven, ensuring that each grant serves as both a reflection of our values and an investment in a better future.

Conru Art Foundation

In addition to our primary grantmaking activities, we also operate the Conru Art Foundation (CAF), which focuses specifically on supporting and promoting the arts in Seattle. CAF serves as a vital resource for the local arts community, providing funding, event spaces, and public programming.

Through CAF, we aim to enhance the vibrancy of Seattle's cultural landscape, support emerging and established artists, and make the arts accessible to all.

Applying for a Grant

If your organization or project aligns with our focus areas and values, we encourage you to apply for a grant. To apply, please contact with a brief description of your initiative and how it aligns with our mission.

We review applications on a rolling basis and strive to provide timely responses to all inquiries. If you have any questions about the application process or our grantmaking priorities, please don't hesitate to reach out.